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Villa is one of the most beautiful and relaxing places at the Mediterranean sea


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Villa is an unique Bed & Breakfast tourism facility situated on the magnificent Mediterranean sea shores, prepared to welcome tranquility seeking tourists all year long. Click the images below to see more


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About the Transkei Cowboys

About the Transkei Cowboys

Transkei, loosely translates to “The Place Over The River”.
So Why The Kei?
The Cowboys want to promote the Wild Coast and all it has to offer for the betterment of the people, heritage, culture and landmarks that makes it unique. We realize that we are just 3, very simple voices, but with the power of a lens, a story and a ton of adventure, we will hear from those who call this place home. With a combined total of 19 years in the film, photography, surfing and adventure industries; Bruce, Tagan & a bunch of rad guests make up the Transkei Cowboys. With on-camera
fun, insightful how-to’s and local stories to last a lifetime, the Transkei Cowboys will bring you, episode by episode, a unique look into South Africa’s Wild Coast!

Bruce Viaene

Bruce Viaene

Bruce comes from a media background, focusing on adventure photography for the past 10+ years. If you can’t get hold of BV, you can be sure his is riding a wave somewhere and having a jol! Bruce has spent 90% of his life within 1km of the Ocean, so its no surprise that everything he does is inspired by it.

@goatboatbruce / @bruceviaene

Tagan Smith

Tagan Smith

Tagan has lived abroad for a number of years and has come back home to the East Coast of South Africa. As a Surf Instructor, Tagan has a teaching ability that goes beyond a classroom. Always up for a rugged Adventure, you can be sure that no opportunity will pass him by.



Comfort & Relaxation

All our rooms are equipped by default with the following amenities:

  • Air conditioning
  • Cabinet fridge
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Private bathrooms
  • Widescreen LCD
Presidential Room

Presidential Room - $129/day

High class luxury for the most demanding tourists. Features balcony and panorama

Panormaic Room

Panormaic Room - $89/day

Get the best view to the beautiful sea and splendid surroundings at a moderate price

Balcony Room

Balcony Room - $59/day

Our entry level room gives you access to all amenities at a really affordable price



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